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Through Darkest America: Quintet - The First Sessions

I didn't expect as much overzealous patriotism but it was incredibly hilarious.

“For man’s only weapon is courage that flinches not from the gates of Hell itself, and against such not even the legions of Hell can stand.”

— Robert E. Howard, The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane

I plan on writing more about the characters in a later post, but I just wanted to share a couple of quick thoughts about or first two sessions. We’ve got five players: Andrew, Brian, Catherine, Devo, and Jon.

I have to admit that I was completely caught off guard by just how jovial and filled with Fallout-esque patriotism every was.

Before delving into the crypts underneath the church, the group ran into a few kids that were the only human life that seemed to be left in town. In typical player fashion, the situation started with the quip, “Oh, are we about to kill some kids?” “Hell yeah.”

The first combat of the session was against some Boneguards in the mortuary.

In the first combat, Catherine’s character cast a Song spell to inspire Jon’s character with confidence. This was expressed as the clockwork character crying a single tear of oil, saluting, and mentioning how much he loves this country.

The players had a tough time with the first fight, almost losing a character. However, the second encounter went much better for them… despite the fact the encounter was designed to keep them moving, Jon’s character managed to stun lock the animated ash found in the pyre pit.

Don’t plan on this stuff ever working. Just be a fan of the players and celebrate them beating up the challenge way beyond it being dead.

They came across four sets of stairs and headed down one of them… in the catacombs they will keep investigating what happened to the town above…

Who knows that is coming next…

“Quocumque ingrederis sequitur mors corporis umbra.” “Wherever you go, death follows, as a body’s shadow.”"

— Quote found in the Paris Catacombs

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