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Through Darkest America: Quintet - The Premade Characters

With the one-shot on the horizon, I want to share with you the premade characters I made for the players to choose should they not want to make their own.

“Here beyond men’s judgments all covenants were brittle.”

— Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

Not going to make this too long, there’s work to be done! I just wanted to write a blog post to keep these characters around for posterity’s sake.

“Two worlds becameth one but all peoples under this flag must square against the darkness.”

Barnabas Alexander

Barnabas Alexander is a Jewish man in his late 30s hailing from Boston. As the seventh son of a seventh son, he had a lot of expectations placed on him, and his grandfather, being one of America’s famous wizards, doesn’t help. Though he studied magic like the rest of his family, he did not want to live in their shadow, so he joined a mercenary company to make a name for himself on the American frontier.

Barnabas is a Human Magician who then started down the path of an Edgewalker. He doesn’t enjoy staying in one place long, possibly because of his choice of magical training. He is skilled in the magical traditions of Teleportation, Time, and Conjuration.

Ephram Beecham

Ephram Beecham is a halfling, originally from the Realm of the Fae. In his 40s, Ephram was an active combatant in the American Army for over fifteen years. While he is a natural with a rifle, after witnessing the horrors of war, he was shaken. When he returned to his family’s farm, he found he couldn’t return to his old life despite very much wanting to. He raised a gun once more, hopefully finding a fitting end worthy of a grizzled soldier.

Ephram is a Halfling Soldier who then started down the path of an Assault Trooper. With his rifle and small stature, he excels at hit-and-run tactics. His training as a soldier also grants him some experience tending wounds on the battlefield.


Rosewater is a clockwork, a constructed machine imbued with a soul and capable of autonomy. They are 15 years old, but the soul that was used in their creation acts much older. Humanoid, they were built to use magic and constructed with a faceplate that has hundreds of moving parts so they can convey a full range of emotions. An oddity for a clockwork, Rosewater actively practices in the Cult of the New Church: the reformed religion built upon the Abrahamic faiths.

Rosewater is a Clockwork Priest who then started down the path of a Preserver. They hold life in high esteem but do so in its entirety, giving them a possibly more sinister purpose. They are skilled in the magical traditions of Theurgy, Celestial, Life, and Death.

Furukawa “George” Junji

Furukawa, or “George” as he is known, is a stranger in a strange land. Not much of a talker. What he has shared is that he is one of many Japanese refugees who escaped the otherworldly invasion of Asia. He has combat training, but probably the biggest thing people notice is his mechanical limbs. Nobody knows why he’s out on the frontier, but those he works with are glad to have him.

“George” is a Human Enforcer who then started down the path of a Steam-Bushi. A combination of fighting skills aimed at weakening enemies and enhancing his strengths via steam-powered augmentations make him a capable combatant.

Agda Ingotblade

Agda Ingotblade is a dwarf who wasn’t happy working in the mines with her family, and with the convergence of the realms found an alternative path to take. After finding she had a knack for fighting, she took up arms, enlisted, and hasn’t looked back since. Now she works as a mercenary who excels and revels in eliminating beastmen, meaning she can find ample work on the American frontier.

Agda is a Dwarf Brawler who then started down the path of a Grudge-Bearer. Grudge-Bearers take the natural hatred that all dwarves have and focus on using it to push themselves to the limit and slay their hated enemies with ease.

Fye Smith

Fye Smith is a salamander: elemental flame imbued with sentience, solidity, and a humanoid form. In her twenties, she always craved adventure and danger. After helping defeat a Lich-Governor in Ohio, she knew she had found her calling. Though she now works in the frontier, her reputation as a firestarter exists in both the literal and figurative sense.

Fye is a Salamander Rogue who then started down the path of a Commando. Having helped lead the insurrection against the Lich-Governor gives her some skill in inspiring allies. This is beneficial given her preferred way to fight: in the enemy’s face.

Amand D’Entremont

Amand D’Entremont is a human skinchanger; cursed with krokothropy makes Amand a werecrocodile. Being from the Louisiana bayou makes this a stereotype, so he decided to leave and go where he could escape that and help people. Though people either ridicule or fear him, Amand has a heart of gold and wants to do the right thing. God save the beings who find themselves on the other side of his jaws.

Amand is a Human Skinchanger Monstrosity who then started down the path of a Warrior Sage. Attempting to tame the beast within, Amand focuses on using his mind as a weapon to benefit himself in combat. Despite that though, he still houses a beast waiting to escape.

Second Chance

Second Chance is an elf, a bit of an oddity in terms of an ally. Elves are considered enemies of the state, given their affairs with the greater faeries before the conjunction. Second Chance is a full-blown American citizen, though one has to wonder what he did to both become one and cause him to name himself “Second Chance”.

Second Chance is an Elf Spellguard who then started down the path of a Nightmare. Skills in physical combat and magical training can make him a terror to fight. Skilled in the magical traditions of Telepathy and Forbidden Spells.

Yaz of the Eagles

Yaz of the Eagles is a woad: humans who originated on Earth as the last memories of a dying god on another world. Intensely secretive, it is no surprise that Yaz is a loner and became a master of her destiny. Out on the American frontier, she hopes she can make a living and find answers to questions only her kind know of.

Yaz is a Woad Hunter who then started down the path of a Targeter. Preferring ranged combat, years of hunting game and skirmishes against beastmen have crafted her into a master bowman. Unsurprisingly, techniques learned in the hunt are useful outside of it.


Mourning is a faun, a species of individuals left behind when the faeries withdrew to their hidden kingdoms. Though many grow past the facts of their existence, Mourning never did. Instead, it festered and would have destroyed her had it not been for a coven of witches who took her under their wing.

Mourning is a Faun Priest of Witchcraft who then started down the path of a Witch. With a connection to the natural world, the fae, and hatred, she is a capable spellcaster. She is skilled in the magical traditions of Nature, Enchantment, and Curses.

Professor Karl “Rubble” Van Buren

Karl is an older man, the child of German immigrants. With a love of science and natural philosophy, it was only a matter of time before he dabbled in weird sciences and technologies. Now a member of a mercenary company, he hopes the American frontier can help perfect some theories he has.

Karl is a Human Mad Scientist who then started down the path of a Tempest. With many gadgets, he is capable of many odd feats, and his ray gun is never far from his side. Though treated as mad scientific devices, he is skilled in the magical traditions of Earth, Storms, and Water.

Spiderphlegm Eyebite

Spiderphlegm is a goblin, a type of fae creature that betrayed their masters the first chance they got. As a species, goblins love and look up to humans despite being treated like trash. Spiderphlegm served an American knight as a squire, but upon the death of his master, took up the mantle of a knight his way. Instead of a horse, his noble steed is an enormous spider who goes by the name of Eyebite.

Spiderphlegm is a Goblin Armiger who then started down the path of a Spider Savant. Trained in mounted combat, Spiderphlegm is able to fight atop Eyebite or beside him should the need arise. Unlike a lot of his kind, they trained him to have courtesy and be a perfect gentleman.

Connor Spetzler

Connor is a human man who, at first glance, you would think loves his fellow man because of his time as a medic. His troubled past has had its toll on him, however. With his education, skill at playing the violin, and way with words, Connor could fool you as the perfect gentleman. Instead, he is a monster, only wearing the mask of one.

Connor is a Human Rogue who then started down the path of a Plague Doctor. His interest in medicine was never purely altruistic, as a certain part of him enjoyed seeing how things work. Especially living things. Despite that, he is a capable medic and physician.


Deathsong is an orc, creatures created by the Umbra Tyrannus and “saved” by the beings in the realm of the fae, only to be used as soldiers in their wars. This makes orcs highly suspect to humans, though not without reason. Deathsong’s path is unique and spending time with Amerindian tribes, he learned to listen to the land and fight those who would corrupt it.

Deathsong is an Orc Priest of Arawn who then started down the path of a Spiritsinger. The land and the spirits living on it speak with him and grant him gifts so that he may try to prevent the corrupting influence of the shadow realm from taking over. He is skilled in the magical traditions of Death, Song, and Spiritualism.

Those are all the premade characters that I made. I’ll write another post about the player’s characters and the adventure itself!

“Is there some frontier?" Idaho asked. “Is there some frontier where I could go and never again be part of this?” “If there is to be any frontier, you must help me create it,” Leto said.”

— Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune

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